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Emilie's Angels 

One person can make a big difference. Her name is EMILIE (Emilie Pohl de Bondanza). We invite you to discover her beautiful work with our canine angels in marginal communities in El Salvador. I have also actively joined her cause. 


Her story: She has been going out every day for more than ten years to independently rescue and heal street doggies.

Her heart mission is to help with SIX WINGS, ways:

   FOOD - She always has Purina in her car, and she feeds the puppies that she cannot rescue due to more critical cases.

   HEALING – She takes sick puppies to a young and brilliant Veterinary Doctor, Marvin Smith Rivas, at         Veterinary MARVET.

   SHELTER: Temporary Veterinary care and shelter

   PREVENTION: Dr. Marvin Rivas operates on females to prevent future pregnancies. If not adopted,         they return to the street.

   ADOPTION: Finding adoptive parents forever.
Why do some dogs return to the street? Because we cannot find an adoptive family, and running a shelter is expensive. But the dogs always wait for Emilie for their meal of the day. The above is Emilie’s heart service without pay, and she would like it to continue that way. 


Emilie has so inspired me that I created a website for her.  
​We have both local and international donors through GoFundme.

Sometimes the doggies receive BodyTalk Sessions as well.

Thank you to all our caring donors,


Sandra Borgonovo 

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