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"The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart."  Rumi

LIFE TRANSITION, a Grandmother dying and a Grandson with a Wish, Gerardo, 2011 San Salvador, El Salvador. (permission to use the actual name)

"The session Sandra had with my Grandmother made me a believer in the healing powers of BodyTalk. I had heard firsthand from her about the system's ability to relieve pain and calm the soul. My Grandmother was in great pain the last few days of her life, and my wish for her was to feel some comfort and tranquility.​


She had not eaten in two days and was having trouble sleeping because of constant pain. As soon as she saw Sandra, she smiled, feeling Sandra's soothing qualities. During her first session, it put my Grandmother to sleep almost immediately. To everyone's pleasant surprise, when she woke up, she was hungry again! My aunt, her daughter, asked me what I had done to her mother to make her feel so much better? I told her about Sandra and BodyTalk, and she was so grateful.


I explained that I wanted to give my Grandmother tranquility and relief from her physical pain – to help her by giving her the best quality of life and peace in her last days. Sandra was "God Sent," and through her, I gave my Grandmother this gift. I want to thank you again on behalf of my entire family for giving the gift of "Body Talk" to my Grandmother when she most needed it."

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