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      Sandra Borgonovo began her career in International Business and Advisory Work. She did love the creative and analytical side of a business career.​ In her free time, she immersed herself in studies of the different spiritualities, the subtle body systems, philosophy, and anything that would enrich her heart and soul.  In essence, her after-work interests became her career. 
     When she was 39 years old, she found the BodyTalk System.  She was immediately drawn to the purity of the System's philosophy, of asking the body-mind what is the priority for the patient. She was also intellectually curious about the BodyTalk System protocol including many modalities in one coherent system
      All BodyTalk practitioner trainees must receive sessions and practice giving sessions to master the study and the healing System. During her learning process, she experienced healing like never before and witnessed amazing transformations within herself, colleagues, and patients.


Now, Sandra has been practicing for ten years.


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Tufts Universtiy

Boston, MA


Masters Program

Tufts Universtiy

Fletcher School of Global Affairs


Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and French Literature, with minor in Economics.  Cum Laude, 1991.

Global International Development Masters, International Business concentration.

Ten-year practice. Whole Health Care Practitioner, Certified BodyTalk System Healing Practitioner. The Certification Year 2011.  Advanced Practioner Exam 2012.  Parama (Highest Wisdom) BodyTalk 2013. Up-to-date Member of International BodyTalk Association.  Continuing Education, CEU's.



International BodyTalk


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